Our Online Coaching is one of the most comprehensive and individualised approaches to personal training available online.  Let our experienced and qualified team of  coaches take care of your programming, diet and progress and help guide you towards achieving your physique and strength goals.

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Want to work with our coaches via correspondence and achieve your goals?


We have worked with hundreds of clients online from around the globe. From the USA, UK, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, China, Indonesia, South America, Serbia, no location is out of reach!


Our mission is to bridge the gap from what we offer with our face-to-face clients whilst working on a digital platform, brining a personal touch to online coaching.



With years of experience in applying the scientific principles of resistance training, we will devise a strength training program that utilises the best available research along with our real world experience to maximise your progress in the gym and ensure your optimising your strength and muscle development.


Applying the latest research of nutrition for fat loss, muscle growth and health, our coaches will work closely with you to prescribe a nutritional plan according to your goals, lifestyle, preferences and understanding of nutrition. Our goal is to not only get you the results you desire, but also teach you the fundamental principles of nutrition so that you can implement a flexible approach to your diet that allows for both progress and sustainability.


Your results are our priority. We don’t guess and instead we ensure that every detail within your plans take into account your individual goals, preferences, lifestyle and circumstances. Combining our knowledge, experience and personal journeys through strength and physique, our coaches continually assess and adjust your response to your plans to ensure you make progress and achieve your goals.

Using our ‘Mega Template’ (see below) we will take care of all your programming in one simple, easy to use and effective online tracking system. All of your training programs, diet and data will be recorded into your individualised template using excel sheets, tracking your daily nutrition and workout data.

Your coach will customise your diet plan, training protocol and data tracking methods upon receiving your questionnaire and initial Skype consultation. Rest assured, your plan will be devised according to your goals, experience and preferences.

We recognise that no two people are the same and aim to ensure that we prescribe the right approach for you.

Not only does this monitor your results closely to ensure you achieved your goals, but allows our coaches to see track your progress live and make adjustments around the clock.

See below for our in depth templates that allow for us to monitor, assess and track your progress.


We don’t just write your program and leave you high and dry. We know just how critical lifting technique is for safe and effective training, and offer weekly form assessments via our online coaching hub.


Each week you will check in with your coach via video answering key questions related to your training, diet and lifestyle. Our coaches reply via audio or video and twice a month you will sit down for a 30 minute Skype (or FaceTime) check-in to ensure that you are on track and getting closer towards your goals.

How It Works

STEP 1: Inquire TODAY

To get the ball rolling, simply fill out the the application form below.


STEP 2: FREE Pre-Coaching Skype Consultation

Once we receive your application, we will book in your first complimentary Skype consultation.

This is designed to ensure your coach is the right fit for you and that you are comfortable and confident that the online coaching process will benefit your training and nutrition. We want to get to know you as much as we can before commencing the coaching process and this is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have, outline your goals and provide us with all of the necessary information before you begin.


STEP 3: Pre Screen Questionnaire – Contracts/Liability Waivers

Before we put finger to button and piece together your training program, it is imperative that we collect all the relevant information about your current and past diet and training along with information relating to your lifestyle, circumstances and health to ensure you are in good health and in a position to work with our coaches both physically and mentally.


STEP 4: Training/Nutritional Programming & Long Term Planning

Our coaches will set in motion a long term plan for the duration of your coaching period, structuring your training and nutritional phases to ensure they coincide to maximise your results. You will receive your individualised nutritional plan along with a training program that includes a data tracker for every rep, set and load that you lift throughout your coaching period.


STEP 5: Ongoing Support


  • Weekly Check Ins:

Our online clients are required to send a 5 minute video each week along with their data tracker to enhance the coaching process and ensure we obtain all the imperative details.


  • Online Coaching Hub:

You will also gain access to our online support group for technique/form assessment as well as community support on your journey.


  • Unlimited Email Support:

We don’t hold back when it comes to the level of communication we have with online clients and are always willing to answer questions or help troubleshoot any obstacles along your journey.


  • Bi-Monthly Skype Consultations: 

As part of your online coaching package, you will have 2x monthly Skype consultations to touch base with your coach, review the current plan, address and issues that may arise and ensure that you are progressing towards your goals.


STEP 6: Get Results

Our priority is to educate, inspire and get your the results you deserve.


Combining our experience and knowledge working with thousands of individuals face-to-face and online, we are confident we can help you achieve your goals.


Our expectations:

  • Honest & Transparency
  • Commitment
  • Willingness to learn
  • Desire to improve.

STEP 7: Payment & Terms and Conditions


  • No start up fee
  • The cost of online coaching is $200 per month for a minimum period of 3 months.
  • Full refund if you are unhappy with our services.
  • 1 month notice of cancellation and refund of unfulfilled coaching period
  • Terms & Conditions (Emailed upon approval of application)

 Online Coaching Options

Option 1: 3 months ($600AUD)

Option 2: 6 months ($1200 AUD)

Option 3: 12 months ($2400 AUD)


Jacob Schepis, Head Coach

  • Head strength & conditioning coach
  • Experienced online coach
  • Nutritional consultant
  • Certificate III & IV Fitness
  • Advanced sports nutrition
  • Contest preparation coach
  • International bodybuilder

Lyndon Purcell, Director Of Science

  • Bachelor of Applied Science – Exercise and Sport Science
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach – ASCA Level 1
  • FMA Level 1
  • JPS Mentorship

Martin Refalo, Head Body Composition

  • Certificate 3 & 4
  • Master Functional Trainer
  • Bachelor in Exercise Science
  • FMA Level 1,2 & 3
  • Competitive Bodybuilder
  • Posing Coach

Jack Zadow, Head Strength Coach

  • Qualified Personal Trainer – Cert 3 & 4
  • Corrective exercise Australia – Lower-body function, from rehab to performance
  • Corrective exercise Australia – Upper body function, from rehab to performance
  • Corrective exercise Australia – MovementScreen, Screen and assess for movement capacity and injury risk

Luke Thornton, Head Body Composition

  • Qualified Personal Trainer – Cert 3 & 4
  • Bachelor of Education- Physical Education & Outdoor Education
  • ICN Physique Pro
  • Posing Coach

Online Coaching


Please include a brief description of your current training program

Please include a brief description of your current diet (including calories/macros, number of meals, allergies/intolerances)

Bodybuilding/Physique Contest Prep

Time fram following a structured training program

(please list and detail below any health issues you have previously or currently have)

Please upload your most recent training program

Please upload your most recent diet plan

Please upload current progress pictures (front/side/back) in a relaxed posed and in natural lighting.

Additional information

Billing Period

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